About us

Inner Wheel District 8



Association President 2019-2020 is Enid Law, from Llangollen District 18. Her chosen charity is Riding for the Disabled.

Period Poverty is a campaign launched by GB&I Innerwheel.

GB&I International Project

Malaria Prevention


District 8 Chairman ,  Deirdre Griffin from Inner Wheel club of Woodbridge .

Deirdre’s chosen Charity for the year is Teenage Cancer Trust (Addenbrookes Hospital)


Our International Inner Wheel President is Binda Vyas.   Binda is a member of Anand club in N. W. India.  Her vision is to see Inner Wheel as the largest women’s organisation in the world to empower women globally through projects related to education, health and financial independence . So, let us LEAD the CHANGE collectively to bring about a positive significant and meaningful difference in the world.

Who we are

District 8 is one of the 29 Regional Districts, which make up the Association of Inner Wheel clubs of Great Britain and Ireland  (GB&I). We have 14 clubs and cover most of East Anglia’s counties of Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Essex with a membership of over 450. We are part of a World Wide organisation, in fact one of the largest Women’s voluntary service organizations with more than 100,000 members in 104 countries.


Inner Wheel has three objectives :

1.To promote true friendship

2.To encourage the ideals of personal service

3.To foster international understanding

Inner Wheel members can achieve these aims through club events, which involve working together, combining personal service, fundraising, fellowship and fun. This can be in the local community and in the wider world helping others less fortunate by giving their time, financial and practical support when there is a need locally, nationally or internationally.