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Inner Wheel District 8


Latest News


Six members of Felixstowe enjoying tea and chat under the Gazebo dodging the showers!

August - 2020

Handover meetings  all outdoors during Pandemic  - July 2020


Six members met in Henstead Exotic Gardens.  Outgoing President Jacquie was presented with gardening gloves and secateurs .


Susan Watson taking over from Cathy Witton


This took place in retiring President Chris Mason’s garden.  Distances were kept and masks worn when entering Conservatory for food.

Zoom Meeting: Deidre Griffin with Club Presidents

Innerwheel zooms on! June 2020

Ely I.W. Club hold their Committee Meeting 

Watton Inner Wheel - in action during lockdown !

Watton Inner Wheel club have been in action during lockdown. On June 27th 2020 they held a cake stall in a members front garden. All necessary precautions were taken as you can see and the amazing amount of £731 was raised for Mary’s Meals.

District Executive zoom meeting - June 18 2020

June 18th.2020.   District Executive Committee meet again via Zoom for the DCM / AGM.   Liz Thomas IIW Treasurer (centre) attended as guest.

First District Executive zoom meeting  - 11th May 2020

The District Executive held their first meeting by zoom - all went well and the Executive declared it a success.

Inner Wheel Club of Ipswich. Members response to the Covid 19 crisis

From Penny Thompson.


I have set up The Listening Ear 👂 in Capel and now have 50 volunteers to talk to

anyone in the village feeling isolated and who would like to hear a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.





From Tricia West.


I have been making scrubs - Sew Scrubs for Ipswich Hospital.  Below is a picture of Ipswich Rotary Past President David West modelling a set. There has been such a good response that the hospital’s need is satisfied for the moment so we are making for care homes, GPS etc. All the money was raised through Facebook and Just Giving. An amazing group were cutting out and delivering the material. Made me feel a bit useful!

Lockdown - Saffron Walden

Early in the lockdown, Cathy, a member of Saffron Walden Club started to make beautiful colourful masks for our members and families.
We decided to collect the money raised from the sale of the masks and buy something for Radwinter Road Hospital in Saffron Walden.

The hospital requested items to please the patients, namely:- two hanging baskets for their outside eating area, a bird feeding station, stand and bird food to place in a central outside area that can be viewed by all patients.

In addition the club found out that earlier in the lockdown the hospital  had had thermometers stolen so we also bought them 4 thermometers for the ward. (Who on earth would steal from a hospital!?).

The masks were so popular that in the end we had £200 left over which we sent to Medical Detection Dogs, a charity we have supported in the past. They are training dogs to be able to sniff out COVID-19.

“Lockdown” begins  23rd March - Thetford

 The Coronavirus pandemic causes lockdown but  members keep in touch and knit and sow for NHS e.g. Head bands from Thetford


District Committee Meeting - March 11th 2020

A very successful DCM at Honington and Sapiston village hall. Here is a table of attendees....mostly Thetford   

Watton's 2019 Christmas Concert Choir

Decorated umbrella in background done to participate in Watton Rotary Umbrella Festival

Here is the design for the posters and leaflets which are already being distributed

Inner Wheel Assembly at Leicester - July 2019

International Service Committee Chairman Shamim Govani informed the District Internationl Service officers of the new long term international project of GB&I to prevent malaria throughout the world. Jane Kaye- Bailey who founded the Butterfly Tree charity and Catherine McCarthy CEO of Medical Aid films both attended the meeting and gave presentations outlining the work of their organisations. They are willing to combine their efforts with Innerwheel for global prevention of malaria (an example of 'Together we can').

Left to Right Shamim Govani, Jane Kaye-Bailey and Catherine McCarthy

Period Poverty

The launch of the campaign - Period Poverty - Dignity for women and Girls took place at the House of Lords on 7 March 2019, the day before International Women's day. Click here for more information 

Botswana Visit


District 8 Treasurer Hilary Farrell (2nd.from left in photo) has recently returned from Botswana where she was delivering wheelchairs for the Wheel Chair Association and also taking the opportunity of giving out children’s items knitted by members of Inner Wheel.